Managing Orders from Merchant Mobile App

Managing Orders from Merchant Mobile App


All orders and bookings you receive from Storat will be shown in your orders dashboard on the mobile app. Buyers can book and buy your services listed on Storat and Storat Mobile App using different methods:

1. Direct Orders

If you have advertisements listed on Storat, customers can book your service directly. This is a direct order that will come only to you and show in your orders dashboard as an active order and your appointments dashboard as a tentative appointment.

2. Distributed Orders

For a few categories, customers can use an instant booking form to book a service (ex: home cleaning, moving, etc). For those orders, multiple merchants will receive the booking request by the app notification, the merchant that accepts the order first will be awarded the order.

3. Quotation Request

For a few categories, customers can request quotation for a service (ex: moving, home maintenance, pest control in Abu Dhabi, etc). Multiple merchants will receive the quotation request to submit a quote through the mobile app notification. The buyer will have an opportunity to review quotations from multiple merchants and then select one.

Orders Dashboard on Merchant Mobile App:

The orders dashboard on your mobile app will have two main statuses: 
1. Active Orders: These are open orders that are not yet redeemed, canceled or expired.
2. Redeemed Orders: These are orders that are done, where you have delivered the service to the customer

 If you click on "Active Orders", all active orders that are yet to be completed will open. Each order will have an order card that has the basic information about this order like order ID, customer name, ordered on date, quantity, payment method, and the total amount of the order.

Viewing Active Order Details on Mobile App:

Click on the customer name of the order you wish to view. The full order details will be presented for you including: 

  1. Appointment confirmation
  2. The appointment date and time
  3. Customer Address and Google Maps Location 
  4. Service Details, Option chosen by the customer and instructions to merchant

Click on the map in the order, it will open your Google Maps app to get live destination from your location

Active Order Actions on Merchant Mobile App: 

1. You can call your customer by clicking on the red "CALL CUSTOMER" button. 
2. You can chat with your customer by clicking on the  green "CHAT WITH CUSTOMER"  button. Visit chatting with customers for more information.
3. When the service is completed, you can Redeem the order from the app directly by clicking on "Redeem Order" green button.
4. You can Reschedule the appointment date and time by clicking on the blue "Reschedule Appointment". 
5. Requesting to cancel any appointment is also available on the order, click on the red "Request Order Cancellation" button.
6. Finally, you can share the location map to other apps by clicking on the SHARE green button under the map in "My Location" section.

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