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Redeeming Orders from the Store Manager


Redeeming orders (vouchers) is an essential step to complete a transaction. An order is redeemed when you delivered the service to the buyer. It is important to redeem an order in a timely manner or request cancellation if the customer cancels or is not fit for the service. 

When redeeming orders, pay close attention to the payment method, if the payment method is cash on delivery or credit card on delivery, It is your responsibility as a merchant to collect the service charges from the merchants. 
For more information about storat payment methods, please visit Payment Methods at Storat and how to collect payments for the services you delivered. You can redeem vouchers from the store manager,, or from Storat Mobile App for Android or iOS. 

Redeeming Orders from the Store Manager

You can redeem orders from the order management dashboard or from the order details dashboard. 
  1. Login to
  2. Go to the store manager by clicking on the name on the upper right corner and select Store Manager.
  3. Click on Orders on the common menu to open the Order Management Dashboard.
  4. You will see a list of orders you have received.  Under that, you will see a card for each order with basic information and a green Actions button. Click on Actions. It will bring down the actions menu.
  5. Click on Redeem Voucher. that will open the Redeem Voucher screen. depending on the payment method, there are different ways to redeem a voucher
    1. Cash on Delivery (COD): you can redeem the voucher directly without entering a voucher code.
    2. Credit Card on Delivery (CCOD): the voucher should be redeemed using with a voucher code.
    3. Prepaid by Credit Card (CC): you must enter a voucher code to redeem the voucher. 
    4. Pre Paid to Storat (PTS): you can redeem the voucher directly without entering a voucher code.
    5. Post Paid to Storat (PPTS): the voucher will be redeemed by Storat Support team. Once the service is delivered, please contract Storat to get your voucher redeemed

Cash on Delivery Orders (COD)

Once you click on Redeem Voucher (step 5 above), the Redeem Cash on the Delivery screen will open. Click on the Redeem Voucher button. That is it, the voucher is redeemed and this action will open the order details page with a redeemed status. 

Credit Card on Delivery Orders (CCOD)

Tip: Voucher codes are sent by email and SMS to customers. Also, they are available on the orders details on you order dashboard in Storat Mobile Apps and Storat website. 

  1. Once you click on Redeem Voucher (step 5 above), that will open Storat Pay in a different tab in your browser.
  2. Enter the voucher code in the voucher code field and click Next.
  3. If the voucher code is correct, this will open the voucher details page. Double-check the customer information, service, merchant name, and amount due. If all is correct, click on Pay button. 
  4. The payment information screen will open. If the customer already has a credit card on file with, his credit card will be present. If not, you must enter the credit card details (card number, expiry month and year, and CVV from the back of the card). If you have delivered the service, make sure to keep the checkbox Redeem the voucher with the payment selected.
  5. Click on Pay Now. If the payment is accepted, you will see a message in a green box that the payment was successfully charged on the customer credit card. Otherwise, you will see a failure message. If the payment fails more than three times, then you will be able to convert the order payment method from Credit Card on Delivery to Cash on Delivery.
Visit: for detailed information on how to redeem credit card 

Prepaid by Credit Card Orders (CC)

  1. After you click on Redeem Voucher, the Redeem Voucher screen will open.
  2. Enter the voucher code and click Redeem Voucher button.
  3. If the voucher code is correct, the voucher will be redeemed successfully. This voucher will be included in the next invoice to be paid to you in the next wire. 

Pre Paid to Storat (PTS)

Click on the Redeem Voucher button. That is it, the voucher is redeemed and this action will open the order details page with a redeemed status. 

Pre Paid to Storat (PPTS)

Once the service is done, you will need to connect with Storat Support team to redeem the order. Once a order is redeemed, it will be included in your next invoice to be wired to your bank account. 
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