Receiving and Accepting Lead Requests

Receiving and Accepting Lead Requests


Distributed leads are vetted and verified leads by storat call center that are distributed to multiple merchants. Merchants that accept the lead first wins the customer!  These leads are not commission based, instead a lead charge will be applied based on the lead value.

Tip: Monitor your email often. Distributed leads get accepted quickly by Merchants.

Receiving Distributed Leads

Distributed leads are sent on your registered email on Storat along with all other emails registered to receive notifications from Storat for your account.
Tip: If you want other employees to review lead notifications by email, please check this article: Leads Notifications by Email & SMS
Distributed leads will also appear under Store Manager \ Distributed Lead
  1. Login to
  2. Go to the store manager by clicking on the your name icon on the upper right corner and select Store Manager.
  3. Click on Distributed Leads on the common menu to open the Lead Management Dashboard.
  4. The Distributed Leads dashboard will open with the list of leads you've received. In leads to view the details of the lead, please click on "Review To Accept" button next to it to view the lead.

Reviewing and Accepting Distributed Leads

Tip: Make sure you have enough balance in your account to be able to accept leads quickly. Please check this article on Account Balance and Refilling
  1. Once you open the lead request from the email or the dashboard, you will be able to review the lead information as in what the customer is interested in along with additional information
  2. The lead request will also mention the lead price to accept the lead
  3. If you want to accept the lead, click on the Accept & Reveal Customer Information button.
If the lead is not yet accepted by another merchant, You will see a green message at the top of screen "Congratulation, We have created lead successfully goto your dashboard in Lead Section you can see your lead. click here to go to lead section". You will also receive a confirmation by email. The lead will show in your Leads Dashboard.

If the lead has been already accepted by another merchant.  you will see the following message: 
Sorry, this lead has already been Just accepted by another Merchant. Good luck next time

"Low balance in your account. Please add more <Amount> to accept this lead."
To fill your balance, please follow the following steps:
1- Click on the Refill Account button. This will open the Fill Account screen in a new tab. 
2- Select the amount you want to fill your account with (ex: AED 100, 200, 300, ... etc)*. The Amount you fill must cover any negative balance in your account and storat charge for this lead. 
*5% VAT is included in all account refills. So if you fill your account with AED 100, your account will be filled with AED 95.24.
3- Enter your credit card information (card number, expiry month, year and 3 digit CVV from the back of the card), then Click Pay
4- If the payment is accepted, you will be redirected back to the lead screen. 
5- If you filled your account with enough balance to accept this lead, the Accept lead button will be enabled. 
6- Click on Accept Lead button to accept the lead.  If the lead is accepted, you will see a green tag with a link to the lead details.  You can see the lead details also in the Store Manager \ Leads \ Active Dashboard. Contact the customer as soon as possible to confirm the leads.

If you didn't accept the lead immediately and you want to review later to accept it, please visit Store Manager \ Distributed Leads.

If you need further help or support, please send an email to

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