Managing Orders and Bookings from Store Manager - Storat

Managing Orders from the Store Manager


Buyers can book and buy your services listed on Storat and Storat Mobile App using different methods:

  1. Direct Orders 
  2. Distributed Orders
  3. Quotation request converted to Orders 

Direct Orders

If you have advertisements listed on or Storat Mobile App, customers can book your service directly. This is a direct order that will come only to you and show in your orders dashboard as an active voucher and your appointments dashboard as a tentative appointment 

Distributed Orders

For a few categories, customers can use an instant booking form to book a service (ex: home cleaning, moving, etc). For those orders, multiple merchants will receive the booking request by email, the merchant that accepts the order first will be awarded the order.

Quotation Requests Converted to Orders

For a few categories, customers can request quotation for a service (ex: moving, home maintenance, pest control in Abu Dhabi, etc). Multiple merchants will receive the quotation request by email to submit a quote. The buyer will have an opportunity to review quotations from multiple merchants and then select one.

Orders Dashboard

All the orders and bookings you receive on Storat will show in your store manager under the orders dashboard.

you can access the dashboard directly using the following URL:

The orders you receive on the dashboard will have a status.

1- New: an order that just arrived in the last 24 hour

2- Active: open orders that are not yet redeemed, canceled or expired.

3- Redeemed: an order where you delivered the service to the customer.

When you click on a tab, the related vouchers for this status will show. For example if you click on active, the active vouchers dashboard will open. Each order will have an order card that has the basic information about this order like order date, customer name, source, payment method, quantity, and amount. 

Also, the order card will have a green Actions button for the actions you can do for this order. You can do the following actions to an order:


1- Add a comment : Add a comment log about the activities you did for this order. 

2- Make an appointment : Convert the order to an appointment in the appointment system. for more information please read Converting Orders to Appointments.

3- Redeem a voucher : for more information, please read Redeeming Vouchers and Orders from the Store Manager

4- Request voucher cancellation and refund : for more information. please read Requesting Voucher Cancellation and Refund

5- Share by Email : You can send the order details by email to another person.

Order Details

If you click on the card, the order details page will open. The order details page will provide more information about the order. It is divided into three sections: 

1- Order information : this section will have basic information about the order, like status, order date, expiry date, payment method, quantity, revenue, service, instruction to the merchant. and order description. 

2- Customer and appointment information : this section will have customer information like phone, mobile, email. If an appointment is set, the appointment details will be there. If the service you will deliver is out call, the address information and google map will be shown.

3- Order timeline and comment section : this section will have comments added by you as well as the timeline of this order.

From within the voucher details page, you can take the following actions:

1- Redeem a voucher

2- Set an appointment

3- Change appointment date and time

4- Share location by WhatsApp

5- Add comment 

6- Request voucher cancellation

For more information or if you need further help, please send an email to

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