How To Create an Account as a Home Services Merchant on

How To Create an Account as a Home Services Merchant on


If you are a service merchant with a valid UAE trade license and want to accept orders online, this guide will walk you through a series of steps to signup and onboard quickly. 

You will only be able to accept orders on Storat if you follow the 5 steps below

Step #1: Create and Account

Visit: to create an account. You will need to sign up using an email and UAE mobile number.

Once done, you will need to verify your email address. An email with the subject line "Verify your email account" will be sent to you immediately, you will need to open it and click on "verify my email" button, 

Step #2: Update your account to a seller account

So far, you've successfully created a personal account, to become a service provider on Storat, you will need to click on "Sell on Storat".

Step #3: Build your profile and verify your account

A wizard will walk you through creating your store (profile) on Storat where you will need to: 

1- Add your Company name and then click on "Next"

2- Enter more information about your company and the services you offer and then click on "Next"

3- Upload your company logo and cover photo. Click on "Next" once done

4- Add your company's address and then click on "Next"

5- Upload your trade license to get the "Verified Business" badge on your profile. (Your trade license will be reviewed by Storat team)

The Final Result: You can always change details about your business and add Arabic translations to your profile by visiting:

Step #4: Sign the agreement 

You will need to sign the new Storat Services Master Agreement  to be able to accept orders in the services category. Download Storat Service agreement, sign it, stamp it and then send us a copy on Your account will be activated within the same business day and you will be able to receive and accept orders on

Click HERE to download Storat Services Agreement. 

Step #5: Fill Account & Download App

To storat accepting orders on Storat, you will need to

1. Fill your account with a minimum balance, for each orders you accept a commission will be transacted from your account fill balance. Visit:

2. Download Storat Merchant App to get notifications for new orders and leads.

You can fill your account balance on Storat using different methods. Visit Account Refill to know more. 

For more information or support in general, make sure you visit Storat Merchant Guide or send us an email on

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