Storat: May 7th 2019 Deployment Update

May 7th 2019 Deployment Update

  • Quotation Request System is released in beta in this deployment. It will be deployed to moving services business first, then will be rolled out to other services and categories. Quotation requests will show under orders section in-store manager and the concerned merchant will receive it by email to provide a price. Once a price is entered by the merchant, the buyer will receive a notification to review the price, if accepted, he\she can place an order directly with the merchant through storat voucher system.
  • Automatic Appointments: Appointments will be created automatically when a customer orders service by buying a voucher or do instant booking requests, or after accepting a quotation request.
  • Privacy update. Buyers' information will no longer be available in orders received from It will continue to be available for orders received from your own website as well as on the leads dashboard. Storat call center and chatting teams will coordinate delivery and communication with customers.
  • Entering the Address is now mandatory for all outcall services.
  • Added the option to book the date and time for a service when buying a voucher or doing the instant booking.
  • Improvement of the subject of automated emails.
  • Buyers can add services to a wishlist to view later.
  • Merchants will be able to accept orders based on payment mode enabled in their subscriptions.
  • Entering a category is now mandatory When entering customer information in Update lead info.
  • several bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.9.1

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