Selling through Storat

Selling through Storat

Storat help Local Services Merchants advertise, generate leads, and sell their services to consumers. They can sell their services through Storat website, Storat Mobile App, and their own website running on Storat Websites Solution.

The Value Chain of Storat Marketplace for Merchants

  1. Free Advertisements : Merchants can publish their services and offers at Storat platform. Advertising on Storat platform is free of charge. Merchant can also build an Arabic\English website at the their own domain us Storat Websites Solution. Websites hosted on Storat Websites Solution is free of charge and users can publish unlimited number of pages using Storat prebuilt templates.
  2. Getting Leads : A lead is an inquiry from a genuine buyer looking to buy a service you are offering. Leads are not confirmed or booked orders and the merchant has to complete the sales cycle with the buyer to close business. There are various type of leads that Storat Marketplace generate :
    1. Direct Leads : those are leads directly coming to your business from a Storat Ad. 
    2. Lead Quotation Request : This is a quotation request that a customer submitted. The lead is verified by Storat and then distributed to Merchants. Only 1-3 Merchants can accept the same Lead Quotation Request. 
  3. Managing Leads : Using Storat intuitive and simple Lead Management Dashboard, you can manage the life cycle of the lead from the moment the lead arrives until 
  4. Getting Confirmed Bookings and Orders : Confirmed bookings and orders are eCommerce orders were the customer placed an order directly for your service, you won through Instant booking requests or quotation requests converted to bookings. 
  5. Managing Orders : Also Storat has an intuitive Order Management Dashboard to manage the lifecycle of the order until the delivery of the services. 
  6. Converting Bookings and Orders to Appointments : The core of any service business is appointments and converting orders to real appointments. Storat Appointments help you convert orders and leads to appointments with automatic notifications to customer decrease no-show rate and increase conversion. 
  7. Delivering the Service and Getting Paid : At the end, business is about getting paid. Storat help merchants sell their services with various payment methods at the time of the booking or at the delivery of the services. 
  8. Getting Customer Reviews : Once you delivered the service, customers are encouraged to leave reviews for you on Storat. This will help you win more repeat business and increase the chances of winning new customers after reading the genuine reviews from real customers. 

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