Requesting Order Cancellation on Mobile App

Requesting Order Cancellation on Mobile App

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If a customer were to cancel an order or the customer will not show up and decided that they are not interested to undergo the service, you can always request to cancel the appointment of the order via the merchant mobile app. Storat team will receive your order cancellation request, contact the customer, and then cancel the order if the cancelation reason is genuine.

Excessive cancellation requests will flag your account. Please use it wisely.

Requesting Order Cancellation from the Mobile App

You can request an order cancelation from the order dashboard section of the app

1. Open Storat Merchant App & Login
2. Click on Orders from the top sliding menu

3. Open the "Active Orders" tab

4. You will see a list of your active orders. Click on the card of the order you wish to cancel

5. Click on red "Request Order Cancellation" button

6. Enter the reason for cancellation and then click on "Send Cancellation Request" button

7. Storat customer service team will receive the request and process it within two business days. The customer will be contacted to confirm the cancellation request. If the request is genuine, the order will be canceled and you will be notified by email. 

For more information or support in general, you can reach us on 

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