Redeeming Orders (Vouchers) from Storat Mobile App

Redeeming Credit Card on Delivery Orders from Storat Mobile App

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Each order has to be redeemed once the service is done, it is an essential step to complete transactions. Time is crucial, redemption should be done in a timely manner. If you want to redeem an order but it's Credit Card on Delivery (CCOD) it is your responsibility as a merchant to make sure that the customer pays via credit card. Storat Mobile App can be used to redeem orders and capture credit card information for Credit Card on Delivery payment method.

Check out how to redeem other payment method orders on the Merchant App here: 

Redeeming Orders from Storat Merchant App. 

1. Open Storat Merchant App & Login.
2. Click on Storat Pay by sliding through upper menu.

3. Enter the order code in the box in the middle then click
Next. (You will need to ask the customer for the code to enter it.)

If the code is correct, this will open the details page. Double check the customer information, service, and amount due. If all is correct, click on Pay button. 
5. The payment information screen will open. If we have a credit card on file for this customer,  you don't have to enter his credit card again.
If not, you must enter the credit card details (card number, expiry month and year, and CVV from the back of the card). 
6. If you have delivered the service, make sure to keep the checkbox "Redeem the order with the payment" selected.
7. Click on Pay Now. 
8. If the payment is successfully done you will see a confirmation on the screen. Also, you and the customer will receive a confirmation email for the payment.
9. If the payment fails more than three times, you will need to get in touch with Storat Support Team to help you convert the order to COD.

If the orderpayment method is not Credit Card on Delivery, you will see the message "This order Payment Method is not Credit Card on Delivery.....". 

If you need further help or support, please send an email to


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