March 30th 2019 - Storat Deployment Update

March 30th 2019 - Storat Deployment Update

  • E-Commerce Functionality in Storat Websites Solution is released in Beta. If your website is hosted with, you can now sell using the Storat payment gateway with 0% commission. Please follow our blog for more updates on this.
  • Orders Distribution Solution for Services businesses. This will impact Merchants in the services category only.
  • Added news section in profile(store) page of Merchants.
  • The buyer address info is now shown on the voucher details page.
  • Added filtering to billing transactions Store Manager Billing dashboard.
  • Close a lead as a win when converted to an appointment.
  • My Address Page added in Personal Dashboard.
  • Social share and email buttons added to news pages and Ads pages.
  • When a Merchant edits an ad, it will be expired, not unpublished.
  • Removed Disqus from the stories page.
  • General User Interface and User Experience fixes and improvements.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.

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