Storat Invoices - Understanding your Invoice

Invoices - Interpreting your Invoice from

Storat Manager \ Billing \ Invoices contains all the invoices issued to your account by Storat. From this section, you can review Invoices, view each individual invoice and if an invoice is due, pay it directly using credit card. 

Invoices Dashboard

Each invoice in the invoice dashboard will have an invoice number, Status, amount due, remaining amount, and invoice date. 
Tip: If the invoice amount is in Negative (ex: AED -1,000.00 ), it is due to you. If the invoice amount is in positive (ex: AED 500), it is due from you.
 The invoice can have one of the following statuses:
  1. Paid : Invoice is fully paid
  2. Partially Paid : Invoice is partially paid
  3. Due : Invoice is not paid yet. 
If you click on the invoice number or Print button, the invoice will open in separate tab in your browser. 

Interpreting your Invoice

Depending on your subscription, each Invoice can contain one or more of the following sections
  1. Total Sales
  2. Voucher Sold
  3. Leads Generated
  4. Storat Services Charges
  5. Due Payment
Tip: if you are under a Prepaid plan, the invoice will be generated at the time of payment. A monthly invoice will be generated only if we receive payments on your behalf on credit card. In such case, the invoice will include only credit card related payments. 
Tip: if you are under a Postpaid plan, the invoice will be generated monthly and should be settled within 15 business days. All the sections below are applicable to your account. 
Total Sales
If you have received orders through storat and those orders have been redeemed and paid. The Total Sales section is a summary of all the transactions that happened in the period covered by this invoice.

The table will show a summary for each sales channel based on the payment method or other charges like cash on delivery.

Voucher Sold
The voucher sold will show all the individual orders sold and redeemed and summarized in the Total Sales table. Vouchers sold table will show the voucher number, customer name, order date, redeem date, payment mode, voucher total amount, due to you, and due to Storat for each voucher. 
The total at the bottom of Voucher Sold table must match the Total Sales in the Total Sales table. If there is a missmatch, please contact us. 

Leads Generated
the leads generated section will show the leads generated for your account. each raw will show the lead ID, customer name, customer phone number, date, and storat charge for generating the lead.

Storat Services Charges
This section is a summary of all storat services charges for the period. Depending on your subscriptions, the table can contain the following fields
  1. Subscription charge : If you are paying a monthly subscription for your account on storat
  2. Lead charges : the total of charges generated for the period. This value must match with the total in the Leads Generated table.
  3. Phone call charges : if there is a virtual number assigned to your account and the number is connected to a mobile number, this is the total charge for the calls received. 
  4. SMS charges : If SMS notification is enabled in your account, this is a total of the SMS charges for the period.
  5. Commission on Sales : For orders sold and redeemed, this is the summary of commission on sales. This number will may not match with the total due to Storat in the Vouchers Sold table because the total due to Storat in Voucher Sold table = Commission + COD charges. 
The table will be summarized with :
  1. Subtotal : the subtotal of all charges.
  2. Discount : any discount applied to your invoice.
  3. VAT Due : the vat due on the charges and after discount
  4. COD Charges : Cash on Delivery charges are all passed to Storat, hence it doesn't incure VAT on the merchant
  5. Total Incl. VAT : The total due for this invoice inclusive of value added tax. 

Due Payment

The last section in the invoice is due payment. As Storat may receive payment on your behalf on credit card, the Due Payment table has 

1- Total due to youPayment storat received on your behalf on Credit Card Or Cash.

2- Total due from you : Storat services charges inclusive of commission and all other charges. 

If the Total Due is a negative amount, then Storat is due to pay you as we received more orders on credit card than your service charges. If Total Due is a positive amount, you are due to pay storat. 

Paying your Invoice

You can pay your invoice by credit card. 
  1. Login to Storat
  2. Open Store Manager \ Billing \ Invoices
  3. Click on Pay Now button next to the invoice you want to pay. 
  4. If you don't have a credit card on file, please visit Store Manager \ Billing \ Payment Methods to add a new credit card to your account. Then go back to Invoices.
  5. Review the credit card that will be charged and click on Confirm Payment button. If the payment is processed, you will see confirmation message. An invoice payment will be generated. 

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