Introduction to Storat E-Commerce and Orders

Introduction to Storat E-Commerce & Orders Management


Storat E-Commerce is a solution for services merchants to sell their services online through Follow the following scenario to buy service on storat:
Buyer Workflow
Select offer -> Select appointment date & time -> Enter address (if the service requested is outcall) -> select payment method -> confirm and place order 

Merchant Workflow
Receive order and appointment request -> Accept appointment or reschedule -> Follow-up with customer on timely show-up ->  Deliver the service -> Collect payment if payment method is COD.

Type of Orders 

Merchant can receive 3 different type of orders from various sources on Storat Platform.
  1. Direct Orders
  2. Custom Orders via Instant Booking Forms
  3. Custom Orders via Storat Call Center
1- Direct Orders: from the Merchant Advertisements listed on, Storat Mobile App, or Merchant Website running on Storat Website Solution. Each Advertisement will be for a defined service with one or more options, price, title, description, and offer terms. The customer can select a service option, quantity, and method of payment. 
The price for direct orders is defined by the Merchant.
2- Custom Orders via Instant Booking Forms: Those are orders for a service the buyer placed directly from or Storat Mobile. A number of categories in Storat will have an instant booking form (ex: home cleaning services instant booking form) at the top of the category page. Using Instant Booking Forms, the buyer can select various options based on the service. The base price for instant booking forms is determined by Storat based on market supply and demand. Those orders are often distributed to the multiple merchants where you can accept or reject the order. 

3- Custom Orders via Storat Call Center: This is similar to Instant Booking Forms, but the order was initiated by Storat Call center from Storat backend platform. Again, those orders are often distributed to more than one merchant and a merchant can accept or reject the order.  
Only one merchant can accept Custom Orders, the first merchant to accept wins the order! 

Orders Status

Once you accept an order, it will show in Store Manager / Orders on Storat. You will also receive a notification by email. Orders on storat have a lifetime and based on that each order will have a Status. An order can be:
  1. Active: The buyer placed the order for the service but the service is not delivered yet.
  2. Redeemed: The buyer received the service and paid for it. (Merchant will have to redeem the order if the service is delivered and the payment is received).
  3. Canceled: The order was canceled before the service is delivered. (Merchants can initiate the order cancellation request if the customer asked to cancel the service or if the customer is not fit for the service).
  4. Expired: The order expired because it reached the redemption end date and the buyer didn't get the service.
  5. Please check the complete guide on Managing Orders from The Store Manager
Tip: make sure to contact the buyer as soon as you receive an order to deliver the service to avoid excessive expiry or cancellation. 

Payment Methods

The buyer can pay for the services at the time of purchase or at the time of service. Storat Platform supports the following type of payments:
  1. Prepaid by Credit Card (CC)
  2. Prepaid to Storat (PTS)
  3. Post Paid to Storat (PPTS)
  4. Cash on Delivery (COD)
  5. Credit Card on Delivery (CCOD)
For more details about payment methods please visit: Payment Methods at Storat

For more information and support, please send an email to

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