Introduction to Billing and Invoicing at Storat

Introduction to Billing and Invoicing


The Billing and Invoicing section of the Store Manager can be used to manage your billing account with the storat. From here you 
  1. Refill your account (for users under the prepaid plan
  2. Review billing transactions and download in CSV format
  3. Review E-Commerce orders transactions
  4. Review and print your Invoices
  5. Review Invoice payments
  6. Subscription Details
  7. Add new payment methods
  8. Change your Billing Address or accounting email. Review your bank info and VAT number.

Storat Subscriptions

Merchants can subscribe to two primary subscription plans with Storat
  1. Prepaid Plan
  2. Postpaid Plan
Prepaid Plan : Merchant can self subscribe to prepaid plan directly from the Store Manager. once the account is approved, user can fill their account using Account Balance and Refill tab. 
Postpaid plan : If you are interested in a postpaid plan, please contact Storat at and a Storat account manager will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Billing and Invoicing workflow

Storat follow a standard accounting billing and invoicing workflow and it is based on your subscription. 

Prepaid Subscription Billing Workflow

Refill account with minimum balance  ➡️  Invoice and invoice payment receipts are issued  ➡️  Receive orders and leads  ➡️  Account is billed in billing transaction

If we receive payments on your behalf using credit card from buyers, an automatic invoice will be generated based on your selected period. If the amount received on credit card is more than AED 500, it will be wired to bank account within 5 business of issuing the periodic invoice.
Tip: You can select a weekly, biweekly, or monthly period. Check your plan period under Store Manager \ Billing \ Subscription

Postpaid Subscription Billing Workflow

Receive leads and orders  ➡️  Account is billed in billing transactions  ➡️  Invoice is issued monthly  ➡️ Pay your invoice ➡️  Invoice payment is issued

Billing Dashboard

The following are shortcuts to the billing dashboard in the store manager
  1. Account Balance & Refill
  2. Billing Transactions
  3. E-Commerce Orders
  4. Invoices
  5. Invoice Payments
  6. Subscriptions
  7. Payment Methods
  8. Billing Address and VAT

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