How to Add an Offline Lead on Storat Dashboard

How to Add an Offline Lead on Storat Dashboard


Every potential customer you get can be added on the Lead dashboard on Storat. You can add and manage your offline leads on Storat using the following steps

Adding Offline Leads

  1. While on the Leads Dashboard, click on the  + Add Lead button  
  2. Add the lead information like the basic information:
    1. Name of your customer (Full Name)
    2. Email ID of the customer
    3. Phone Number of the Customer
    4. Company Name
    5. Expected Revenue 
    6. what kind of service the customer is interested in
    7. Inquiry of the Customer or Personal Notes
  3. This lead will then be available under the "Active" Leads tab after saving
  4. You can add comments and update the leads information on the dashboard by simply clicking on the lead or click on the  Actions  button

You can forward lead information using Email Redirect to add leads faster. Click here for more information:

For more information and support, please send an email to

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