How to Create a Store on Storat using Store Wizard

How to Create a Store on Storat using Store Wizard and Store Manager

The first step to start selling on Storat is to create a Merchant account. When you sign up on Storat, a user account will be created. To create a Merchant account, follow the following steps

Creating a Store using Store Wizard

1- Login to your personal dashboard on Storat by clicking on your name at the top left corner, that will open the personal dashboard menu, click on Personal Dashboard. If you don't have an account yet in Storat, click here to register first. 
2- On the personal dashboard, you will see a Sell on Storat button on left bottom corner. Click on it to start the store wizard.

3- Click on Let's Go button.
4- If your email is not verified yet, the email verification screen will appear to verify your email. Click on Send Verification Email button. You will receive an email with a link to verify your email. Click on the link to verify your email. Then come back to the Store Wizard screen and click refresh button on your browser.
5- if your mobile is not verified, the mobile verification screen will show. Click on Send Verification Code button. You will receive a 6 digits verification code. Enter it in the Verification Code text box, then click on Verify button.
6- In the next screen, If you have an established business with a valid trade license, click on Yes, I am a business button.
Only established businesses with a verified trade license issued by the government can sell on storat. 
7- In the next screen, enter your business name or trade name. Also enter a store friendly url. Then click Next
tip: If your company name is XYZ Services and offer services based out of Dubai, UAE, we recommend the following url: xyz-services-dubai
8- In the next screen select the business category of your business, Store Services. If you have an existing website, enter your website link here. Also you can provide a store business speciality and an About section, then click Next
Store Services is an extremely important field to select correctly. Orders and leads are distributed to stores based on their store Services selected in this screen.
Store Services selection button

9- Optional - Upload a Store Cover image that will show in your store page. the recommended size store cover image is, width: 921pix; height: 187px. The cover image will show on your store like this:
storat store cover image

10- The next step is to add your business logo. Click on the Upload button to upload your logo, then click Next
11- Then you must enter your business location. If your business is registered with Google for business, you can search by your business name in the map. Scroll down and confirm the State, City, Region, and Street Address. If any is missing, fill it up and then click Next

12- The next step is to provide your trade license information. The following information is required to verify your business. 
- Legal business name
- Owner Name or Majority Shareholder name
- Trade license number
- Trade license expiry date
You can also optionally upload a copy of your trade license and emirates id. 
then click Next. This will activate a free prepay plan subscription for your business on storat. Click next to prefill your account.
Your account will be reviewed and once approved, it will be published. 
13- To start accepting orders, click on Fill Account button. This will open the fill account using credit card screen. In this screen choose the amount you wish to fill your account with, also enter your credit card number, expiry date, and CVV, and click on Pay button. If the transaction is successful, Your account will be filled with the amount selected after deducting the VAT. 

Configuring your Store using Store Manager

You can also configure your store settings from the Store Manager \ Settings section. From here you can configure more options that is not provided in the Store Wizard. for example, the following options are available through the Store Manager Settings only:
1- Adding Name, Speciality, and About in Arabic language. 
2- Adding multiple locations if you have multiple businesses.
3- Connect your social media accounts
4- Adding Store Photos. 
5- Adding Users to manage your store. 

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