29th September 2019 Deployment Update- Storat

29th September 2019 Deployment Update

- Introducing Verified Leads System. verified leads are inquiries from customers that have been verified by Storat call center. A merchant can accept or reject receiving the lead. If accepted, it will be charged to the merchant account. Please check under Storat Manager \ Leads \ Quotation Requests.
- Introducing Storat Prepaid Plan. Under the prepaid plan, a merchant has to prefill his\her account to be able to accept orders and leads. 
- Improvement to Storat Invoices to make it easier to understand and read. 
- Added Leads section to Invoices to know the details of the leads charged to this invoice. 
- Making Storat Websites Solution FREE solution. If you are hosting your website on Storat, It will be free and not related to any payment or subscription level on Storat.
- Update to Storat Onboarding process for merchant and removing the requirement to upload a copy of trade license or ID. Merchant will still need to provide a valid trade license number to activate their account. But verification will happen using the Government verification system. 
- Introducing the new Merchant's Guide under Storat merchant guide. 
- General Fixes and Improvements.

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